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Sliding Gate Openers

Select your QUIKO sliding gate operator and automate practically every type of sliding gate.

Chose between the Velos, Moovy and Titano series of electric sliding gate opener, suitable for both residential and industrial use.

Several sliding gate openers are available either with or without mechanical clutch, Available as 230/110V or 24V operated. The 24V versions can be operated by battery, allowing the sliding gate kit to work even in case of complete electrical failure. The powerful 400V three-phase gearmotor mounted inside TITANO series operators makes them suitable for heavy duty industrial use.

The ready-to-install sliding gate kits available at QUIKO, contain all the components required by European CE Directives and ensure the installer, an easy installation process.

All the sliding gate openers are fully tested under all environmental conditions and are suitable for installation in every country in the world.


Easy to install, MOOVY series sliding gate operators of QUIKO are the perfect choice to automate any type of sliding gate; thanks to the wide range of available models indeed, customer can choose the most appropriate opener depending on the weight of the gate to be automated.

The frontal manual release lever allows the user to manually handle the gate in case of emergency, for example, during electrical blackouts.

The proper operation of the motor is guaranteed for long time thanks to the sturdy materials used for its production like aluminum, bronze and steel. Wear and tear of the internal mechanical parts is kept to a minimum since the reducer is highly lubricated with permanent grease.

MOOVY series gearmotors can handle sliding gates of large sizes and are, therefore, also suitable for heavy duty applications in the industrial field; thanks to its powerful motor indeed, QK-M2000 model can handle sliding gates with a maximum weight of 2000Kg.

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Quiko automations reach their maximum power with the TITANO serie heavy duty sliding gate motor.

That industrial sliding gate opener is exclusively made of highly resistant components and have been designed for the automation of very heavy sliding gates (weight 3000, 4000 and 6000 Kg). TITANO heavy duty slide gate operator has got a manual unlocking mechanism allowing the gate to be moved if an electrical power black-out situation occurs and the powerful three-phase self-ventilated gearmotor with its oil bath gearbox guarantees intensive use.

The control unit with an inverter and acceleration/deceleration ramps makes the TITANO series industrial slide gate openers very safe and not only extremely powerful.

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