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The QUIKO ICARUS series barrier gate openers are suitable for both residential and intensive use. There are four versions available: two are 24V and two are 230V. QK-I30 and QK-I30B automatic barriers can move rods of max. length 3m with high speed movement; alternatively, QK-I60 and QK-I60B barrier gate operators can move rods of max. length 6m with normal speed movement.

The low voltage versions can work in case of electrical black-out, thanks to the optional backup battery system (QK-BPACK). The materials used for manufacturing the automatic barrier, i.e. iron for the body, aluminium and steel for the gearmotor, guarantee hardiness and reliability of the barrier gate operator for long time.

Simplicity of access to the control board is guaranteed by a practical compartment positioned on top of the barrier.

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QUIKO is pleased to introduce its complete range of CENTURION automatic bollards. Their main purpose is to make urban areas liveable once again; CENTURION rising bollards can be used to protect particularly vulnerable places (such as shops, houses, etc…) against robbery or theft or to elegantly and quickly take control of hotel car parks, entrances of ministries and so on.

CENTURION series automatic rising bollards can work in all environmental conditions and their protection level makes them watertight. Each rising bollard has got following common features: reversibility, high static and dynamic load and high visibility. Reversibility: when the power is off, the bollard descends automatically; the user can avoid this behaviour by installing the apposite backup battery pack (optional). High static and dynamic load: all QUIKO rising bollards withstand the weight and possible knocks caused by intense and heavy traffic.

High visibility of the automatic bollard: thanks to a high-intensity retro-reflecting film with a crown of strongly penetrating lights (lights are available on specific models only).

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PARKY series QUIKO parking systems unite simplicity of use with the last technologies in regards to automation. PARKY parking lot system allows both the widest freedom of implementation as well as development both functionality and composition; it is always possible to add elements during installation and also later.

The technology depends on the selected parking lot systems models: barcode with thermal printing or magnetic coding with impact printing. All of the external devices of QUIKO parking lot systems have multilingual retro-illuminated display for communicating with the user. Another important feature of this innovative system is its easy maintenance: there is only one interchangeable control unit between pay and display machines, entrance and exit pillars.

The construction materials of PARKY pay on foot machines and other external equipments are either stainless steel or galvanized steel (depending on the model) and are guaranteed to last over time.

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